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The last several weeks at church, my Sunday School class has been discussing what the Bible says about contentment. It seemed to be a common theme that many of the ladies in class (self included) struggled with feeling content with their homes. So to put into practice what we’ve been discussing in class, I want to exercise my “spirit of gratitude” and make a list of the things I love about our home to focus on the positives, which there are many. Here we go…

1. One-level living. I absolutely love that everything is on one floor (especially the laundry room).
2. Cabinets and Storage. We have at least doubled our cabinet space that our house in town had.
3. DIY-ing. This house is a DIY-ers dream! I’ve painted almost every surface and get a lot of satisfaction in seeing such huge improvements.
4. Who puts carpet under a dining room table?! Although I hated it when we first moved here, I actually love it. It’s cozy to sit at the table. And you don’t see every little food crumb that gets dropped on the floor.
5. Masters. Matt and I have a true Master bedroom, which is much bigger than our old house. It has a vaulted ceiling, a walk-in closet, and our own private bathroom.
6. Room with a view. We have six large windows in our living room with a sweet view of the lake.
7. I wish I liked to cook. But even though I don’t, I love having a gas stove. And I love that the stove is in our island and faces towards the living area so I can cook and have a full view of whatever the kids are up to.
8. Is it smaller or bigger? I think the overall square footage in this house is less than our old one, but this house feels bigger. Our living area, kitchen, and dining area are probably twice what our house in town was.
9. More about carpet. I should mention that my in-laws had brand new carpet put in. And it’s a perfect, forgiving dark tan. Much better than the light beige we had before. Sure, kids. You can dump grape juice on the living room floor.
10. I’m the dishwasher. We don’t have a dishwasher. I hadn’t washed dishes by hand for years until we moved here. And I actually love it. I realize that I hate loading and unloading a dishwasher and that it’s much easier and quicker to just wash them by hand and put them away right away.

So I’ll leave it at that. Short and sweet. No need for pictures. And a great reminder to myself that our double-wide is a pretty nice set-up, and we are lucky to have it as our home.