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Low Carb Recipes

Here is how you can have the satisfying flavors chicken and broccoli alfredo without all of the carbs! Here’s how we have our “pasta” at our house:

So easy, so delicious!

So easy, so delicious!

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Becky’s Low-Carb Chili

Chili is one of the easiest, but most satisfying low-carb, ketogenic foods you can make! Simply omit the beans from just about any chili recipe and you’ll have something much more compatible with a ketogenic lifestyle. 

Hot 'n Spicy!

Hot ‘n Spicy!

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Becky’s Low Carb Cafe Mocha Recipe

Since I’ve decided to live a low-carb lifestyle, the one thing I’ve missed the most is my dark chocolate Cafe Mocha from Caribou Coffee.  But with 45 grams of carbs per medium drink, it is more than twice my daily allowance for carb intake.  In searching for low carb recipes online, I never found a truly low-carb Cafe Mocha recipe.  So, after playing around with some low carb ingredients, I have crafted a delish low-carb mocha.

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