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Becky’s Low Carb Cafe Mocha Recipe

Since I’ve decided to live a low-carb lifestyle, the one thing I’ve missed the most is my dark chocolate Cafe Mocha from Caribou Coffee.  But with 45 grams of carbs per medium drink, it is more than twice my daily allowance for carb intake.  In searching for low carb recipes online, I never found a truly low-carb Cafe Mocha recipe.  So, after playing around with some low carb ingredients, I have crafted a delish low-carb mocha.

Here’s the ingredients you’ll need:

First, let me say that I brew coffee for my mochas in our Keurig coffee maker.  We have the model with the manual buttons, but there is also a digital model as well.  It is so nice being able to brew a single cup of coffee for a single mocha as opposed to brewing a whole pot of coffee, which would be a complete waste.  Some of my favorite k-cup flavors for mochas are Jet Fuel, which is a very dark blend, and Green Mountain Breakfast Blend when I want something lighter.

So you’ll need:

A cup of freshly brewed coffee

1 teaspoon Cocoa powder (I prefer Hershey’s over Nestle.  I’ve found it blends easier for some reason.)

1 teaspoon Splenda

2 tablespoons Heavy Whipping Cream

Whipped Cream (I prefer Redi-Whip, although I don’t have it in the photo above)

Add all the ingredients to the coffee and top with whipped cream!  And enjoy!


***A few tips***

When you put the cocoa in the coffee, dump it on the surface of the liquid before you touch the spoon to the coffee.  If you place the spoon with the cocoa on it directly into the coffee to stir, the cocoa will become one big wet glob and will stick to the spoon.  Not a huge deal, but it’s harder to dissolve into the coffee and you’ll probably end up having to scrape it off the spoon.

All of my measurements are approximate.  You may find that my measurements are either too sweet or not sweet enough for your liking, or you may need to adjust the chocolate and heavy cream.  Keep playing with it until you get it customized to your liking.

Try flavored coffees, like Folgers Caramel Drizzle to switch up the flavors of your mocha.

Here is the approximate carb breakdown:

Coffee= zero carbs

Splenda= zero carbs

Hershey’s cocoa= 1 gram NET carbs per TABLESPOON, so less than 1 gram per teaspoon

Heavy whipping cream= zero carbs

Whipped cream= less than 1 gram per 2 tablespoons

So, the overall net carb count is approximately 2 grams of carbs per mocha.  Sure beats 45!

And, to be honest, I went to Caribou the other day to have “one” cheat drink.  But after drinking my homemade mochas for several weeks, not only did it not “do it for me” anymore, it actually made me feel sick to my stomach.  I honestly prefer my low-carb mochas, and I hope you will too!

Happy low-carbing!

***Update*** Since this was originally posted, I have quit drinking coffee and caffeine, and seen some amazing health improvements!





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  • Kristi February 25, 2016, 7:50 pm

    LOVE THIS!!! Just found this and tried it. DE-LI-CIOUS! And satisfies much mocha craving! Thank You!

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