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Defeating Doubt in Your Homeschool Journey

Smiling face, doubting mind?

Doubt, for me, begins as a quiet thought in my mind, but in no time can turn into a roaring waterfall if I don’t address it immediately. I would be lying if I said I never doubted our decision to homeschool our kids. Though it is not something I constantly battle with, I find that it still manages to rear its ugly head on occasion. Have you ever struggled with doubting your decision to homeschool? Maybe we can help each other out! [continue reading…]


Truly, I let my kids play their video games, more specifically Minecraft on our Nintendo WiiU, every single day. Even on homeschooling days. Especially on homeschooling days.

Not only do the kids love it, and it gives them (and me) a break from our other daily activities, but they are learning by playing games. Don’t believe me, or want to believe? Let me convince you why video games deserve a place in your homeschool!homeschoolminecraft1 [continue reading…]

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Have you decided to homeschool but are struggling to figure out what homeschooling really looks like on a day-to-day basis? 

One of the hardest concepts for me to grasp as a first-time homeschooling parent was what homeschool was supposed to look like. As a product of the public school system, it was ingrained in my mind that school had to have a set schedule, with regular hours and a curriculum that couldn’t be wavered from. Can you relate? Let me show you what a typical homeschooling day looks like in our home. [continue reading…]


How to Homeschool and Work at the Same Time

Holding it all together: Homeschooling and Working

Holding it all together: Homeschooling and Working

Do you feel that homeschooling will be the best choice for your family, but you don’t want to, or aren’t able to, give up your career? I’m here to tell you that you can do both! How do I know? Because I have done it myself. Let me tell you my story and be encouraged that you can homeschool and work at the same time!

Last year, when we decided we were going to homeschool our Kindergartner, I also happened to be working part-time as a Medical Lab Tech at our local hospital. I worked a lot of irregular hours, early mornings, late nights, weekends, on-call overnight, holidays. I also worked part time as the Worship Director at my church. On top of that, I also carried the health insurance for myself and our kids, and still had student loans to pay off. Quitting my job wasn’t an option at the time, but I also couldn’t get over the fact that in my heart I knew homeschooling would be the best choice for our family. [continue reading…]


If you are considering homeschooling, at some point you will probably be asking yourself, “Am I really qualified to teach my child?”

Trust me, I was asking myself the same question last year!

For some reason, many of us have bought into this notion that we need to be certified, licensed, and sealed with a government stamp of approval in order to be a qualified teacher. This couldn’t be any more far from the truth.

Let me tell you why, by first asking a few questions: [continue reading…]


One of our first homeschooling projects for E's Kindergarten year.If there is ever any doubt as to whether you can homeschool your kids, let my story encourage you and remove any fears or hesitations you may have! Truly, if I can do it, so can you.

Let me take you back to the beginning of my story… [continue reading…]