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Diaper Champ Review

The Diaper Champ by Baby Trend is one of the few popular options of diaper pails on the market, along with the Diaper Genie and Diaper Dekor.  After spending a lot of time comparing these three styles of diaper pails, I decided on the Diaper Champ, mainly because they don’t require purchasing special bags.  Just a standard trash bag or even plastic grocery bag can be used.  I thought that this fact alone made the Diaper Champ superior and more economical than the other diaper pail brands. 

Here are the specifics of the Diaper Champ.  The pail basically comes in two main pieces that are easily fit together after purchase: the rotating lid with piston on the top and the diaper-storing chamber at the bottom.  A tall, 13 gallon garbage bag fits great, but used shopping bags can also be used.  Bags can easily be inserted and full diaper bags removed by the push of button to access the storage chamber.  The pail is mostly white and can be purchased with either blue or pink edging, which is a fun option for parents who want the pail to match the nursery.  The Diaper Champ holds up to 30 dirty diapers and retails for about $30.  It also comes in a standard or deluxe model.

After having used the diaper pail for 6 months, there are a lot of things I like about it.  It is extremely simple to use.  Just place the diaper in the opening at the top, rotate the handle, and the weight of the piston drops the diaper into the bag.  There is very minimal contact with you and the diaper, which is great since other diaper pails require you to shove a diaper into the bag itself.  The diaper can also easily be disposed of using only one hand, which is great when you need the other to hold onto baby.  The price was great compared to the other diaper pails and I loved using the scented tall trash bags to help combat any extra odors.  For the first few months, I didn’t notice a problem with any odors and I was extremely happy with it.

However, this fact changed when my son started on solid foods at about 5 months of age.  After exclusively breastfeeding up until this point, the odor of his stools definitely changed with the start of solid foods.  As I continued to use the diaper pail, I found that the odors from the dirty diapers did leak out into the rest of the room, forcing us to start disposing of the dirty diapers outside in our main garbage bin.  I still am able to use the pail for wet diapers, but not dirty diapers.  Considering that it is only good for wet diapers at this point, we might as well could have just purchased a regular small garbage can and not a diaper pail for the nursery and saved a little bit of money. 

Here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of the Diaper Champ:

Pros:  Easy, one-handed use, doesn’t require special bags, cheaper purchase price compared to other diaper pails, color options available

Cons:  Odors leak when baby starts solid foods

Knowing what I know now, I’m not sure I would have made this purchase, but would have rather just bought a small, regular trash can for the nursery and save the money.  The Diaper Champ did work great at the beginning, but now it is simply not necessary.  Maybe you have or will have better luck with the Diaper Champ.

Have you or someone you know used the Diaper Champ?  What do you/they think about it?

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