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My Mobile Home Master Bathroom Makeover

Good things happen when Matt is gone! While he was in Seattle for work this week, I decided to tackle repainting and decorating our master bathroom. My goal was to have it completely done by the time he got home, which only gave me four days. And the best part is he had no idea what I was up to!

Now, originally the plan was that I wanted the bathrooms to be totally gutted this winter. I wanted new shower surrounds, toilets, vanities, bead board walls, and more. But there is something in my mindset that has changed. This house is turning me into a cheapskate. The reward of not changing all these things seemed pretty great. It would save a lot of money to keep the current fixtures, and probably more importantly, save a lot of time that Matt would have to spend renovating.

So with that said, I had my challenge; four days to make it great! Here’s what I was up against:


After six months of living here I was more than ready. So I started on the walls first. I choose a perfect light gray, Agreeable Gray by Sherwin Williams.


I didn’t take any progress pictures so you’ll see the result in the “after” photo. It took a full day to paint the walls and trim.

Once the walls were done and I stepped back to evaluate, I couldn’t help but feel it looked so drab and lifeless. But that was nothing a trip Target couldn’t help! After almost ten years of marriage it was time for some new towels anyways. And a rug. And shower curtain. (It’s okay, I’m saving us hundreds of dollars!)

The next two days were used up at my “real job”. Which gave me one day to take on the vanity. Which means no proper drying time between coats. I choose a nice charcoal gray, Sherwin Williams Iron Ore.

I really wanted a new vanity light but decided to spray paint it matte black in the meantime. Here’s how I did it so I didn’t even have to take it off the wall. So proud.


The only thing left to do was drill holes for the new hardware and hang the doors, and do a little decorating. Only problem was I have never used a power drill before. I considered just waiting till Matt got home to let him do it, but I really wanted him to come home to a completed bathroom just to up the “wow” factor. So I googled how to change drill bits and the rest is history.

At this point I was agonizing over where to hang the towel rack and how I should decorate. Since I am a visual person, I drew a few sketches. This was the winner.


So finally we come to the end! Here’s the finished result.

image image

I plan on painting the mirror trim to match the vanity. But otherwise I’m so pleased with how it turned out! And even better is it cost less than $200 for all the paint and accessories. Had we done new walls, tub, vanity, toilet, and floors, it would be at least $1500. What’s nice is I have enough paint leftover to do the entire kids’ bathroom, too. Bonus!

Matt was pleasantly surprised when he got home last night. I think he’s just happy he won’t be ripping out the bathroom this winter! And I’m happy that I don’t cringe every time I walk into the bathroom. Time to sit back and enjoy my Victrola coffee and Chukar Cherries from Seattle.

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