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Have you decided to homeschool but are struggling to figure out what homeschooling really looks like on a day-to-day basis? 

One of the hardest concepts for me to grasp as a first-time homeschooling parent was what homeschool was supposed to look like. As a product of the public school system, it was ingrained in my mind that school had to have a set schedule, with regular hours and a curriculum that couldn’t be wavered from. Can you relate? Let me show you what a typical homeschooling day looks like in our home. [continue reading…]


My Mobile Home Master Bathroom Makeover

Good things happen when Matt is gone! While he was in Seattle for work this week, I decided to tackle repainting and decorating our master bathroom. My goal was to have it completely done by the time he got home, which only gave me four days. And the best part is he had no idea what I was up to!

Now, originally the plan was that I wanted the bathrooms to be totally gutted this winter. I wanted new shower surrounds, toilets, vanities, bead board walls, and more. But there is something in my mindset that has changed. This house is turning me into a cheapskate. The reward of not changing all these things seemed pretty great. It would save a lot of money to keep the current fixtures, and probably more importantly, save a lot of time that Matt would have to spend renovating.

So with that said, I had my challenge; four days to make it great! Here’s what I was up against:


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I’ve been looking for the perfect nightstand to add to my daughter’s room, but it seems that the one’s I’ve seen in stores lack the character I was looking for or were far too expensive. Luckily, I was able to find a night stand at a thrift store (along with a few other awesome finds!) with the style, and price, that I was looking for. Let me show you how a simple paint job made this dresser shine!paintednightstand [continue reading…]