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The Dropper Stopper: Don’t Leave Home Without It!

This weekend I discovered what may be one of my favorite items for baby: the Dropper Stopper.  For a while now, my mind had been devising a device that could attach from a bottle, sippy cup, or toy onto a high chair or stroller to keep these items from hitting the floor every few minutes.  While shopping at a specialty store over the weekend, I found that someone already had the same idea and had created the Dropper Stopper.  And what an awesome little device it is!

The design is simple:  A fairly short strip of elasticized material with built-in snaps on each end to secure to your items of choice.  The Dropper Stopper may be a simple concept, but the design is well thought out.  The end that attaches to a high chair, stroller, etc has 4 different snaps to make it easy to fit whatever item you’ll be anchoring it to.  The other end forms a “T” at the top of the strap.  This is where you attach the item you don’t want falling on the ground.  This is is more elasticized than the rest of the Dropper Stopper to allow more stretch to fit a variety of items, from pacifiers, to bottles, to stuffed animals.  The inside of this end of the strap also contains a non-slip material to help hold bottles in place. 

I used the Dropper Stopper first during a long day at the mall, and I’m telling you, it is worth it’s weight in gold!  I attached my 10 month old’s sippy cup to the stroller.  My son had easy access to his sippy cup whenever he wanted it, and when he’d drop it, it would simply hang next to the stroller and off of the ground until I picked it up or until he pulled it back in.  I am such a believer in this item I think it should be something on every baby registry! 

We bought the Dropper Stopper at a specialty store for $9.99.  I thought it was a little high priced for a simple piece of material, but the pricing on the website said $13, so now it looks like I may have gotten a deal.  But now after using it, I may even consider buying one for $13.  It is so worth it!  There are a variety of very cute materials to choose from, and for $13 you’ll never have to worry about picking up a dirty sippy cup off the mall floor again!  IntoBaby is very into the Dropper Stopper.  Do yourself a favor and get one…or two for that matter!

What do you think of the Dropper Stopper?

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