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Go Green and Decorate the Baby Nursery with Plants

bonsaiIs your baby nursery lacking something that you just can’t quite get your fingers on?  I may have just discovered the answer by accident!  You need to “go green” and add a plant!  Such a simple addition will quickly add color and life that you may not have even realized the nursery was missing.

The other day I got tired of my little crawler getting into a tall potted plant we kept in the living room.  After knocking it over a few times, I knew it was time to remove it from the scene.  As a temporary fix, I took the plant to the room in the house with the most available floor space; the baby nursery.  After haphazardly throwing it in the corner by the crib, I soon realized that it looked pretty good in it’s new space.  In fact, it looked amazing, like it was made to be in the nursery all along.  And it has stayed there ever since.  It has added a whole new dimension, and life, to the nursery.

Here are a few great reasons to add a plant to the nursery:

  • Fill bare spaces
  • Color- added by a beautiful pot
  • Unique (I haven’t seen many, or any, baby nurseries with plants)
  • Adds life
  • New focal point
  • They filter the air

Not sure how to use your plant in the nursery?  Try one of these ideas!

  • Place a small, flowering plant on a dresser top.  Choose an accent color that coordinates with the color scheme of the room.
  • Place a tall, potted plant in an otherwise awkward corner of the room. (e.g. the corner between the crib and chair)
  • Hang a plant from the ceiling
  • Make a unique arrangement using small potted plants and shelves on the wall

One great thing about using plants in the nursery is that it’s relatively inexpensive.  You may already have several plants in your home and all you need to do is simply choose one or a few and transplant them to the nursery for free.  If you need to purchase a plant, there are many different types of inexpensive plants available if cost is an issue.  Or, if you’re the do-it-yourself type, create your own modern greenery by growing grass seed in a unique container and keeping it trimmed neatly.

Just remember when placing a plant in the nursery that it should be in a safe location and non-poisonous.  If you keep those things in mind, a plant in the nursery will be a beautiful and unique addition.

How do you use plants in the nursery?

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  • Stacie June 17, 2017, 2:03 pm

    Are there any plants that you specifically recommend for the nursery? I would LOVE to put a plant in there!

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