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Paint-Your-Own Nursery Art

Want to spice up your nursery walls and not break the bank?  Here is a simple and inexpensive idea to get you started.  I personally did this for my son’s nursery.nursery painting

1.  Buy inexpensive picture frame/s

These come in all colors. I love classic black and white!

For my project I bought four large plastic picture frames that came with a white matting.  They were only $3 a piece. If you are able to spend more money, you can get a rich-looking, long-lasting wood frame.

2.  Buy paints and supplies

If you don’t already have brushes and paints on hand, you can easily find some at a craft store or maybe you know someone who can lend them to you.  Choose colors that match your room’s theme.  I bought two shades of brown and two shades of blue and white for accenting since these were the colors I was using in the nursery.

3.  Get creative

It’s time to paint!  I simply used the paper that came inside the frame and painted the back.  This way I had a sure fit when I was done.  Choose your design and go for it.  Don’t stress over trying to make your painting look perfect.  Imperfections give character.  In my case, I didn’t do the painting at all.  I asked my nieces and nephews to do it for me!  They each got their own paper and I told them they could paint whatever they wanted (using the colors I provided), just as long as they filled the paper completely.  So how did it turn out?  I got four unique, abstract pieces of art to group above my sons crib.  They loved the fact that they were painting something for baby, and I loved the fact that the paintings had sentimental value.nursery painting

So, what do you think? Share your projects and ideas with me!

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