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The Best Burp Cloth

The best burp cloth, as a matter of fact, isn’t a burp cloth at all!  I’ve tried the flannel and terry cloth varieties, and they’ve all been one big, non-absorbent disappointment.  I was discussing this with my sister, and she recommended using cloth diapers as a burp rag.  Yes, I said cloth diapers!  She gave me some that she had on hand and I haven’t turned back since!  Specifically, they are the Gerber pre-fold cloth diapers.

So what is so great about them?  First of all, they are large.  They will easily cover your entire shoulder with room to spare, so no worrying about baby missing the mark.  Even better is their thickness.  Since they are made to be used as diapers, they are much thicker than your typical burp cloth.  If your baby spits up a lot, it will do a great job absorbing it instead of letting it run right through the material.  The material is much more durable than flannel and terry cloth burp rags, but it is still soft and pliable. 

I also love that the cloth diapers can be used for other purposes.  I use them on a daily basis when I feed my son cereal.  I tuck them into his shirt to make a bib and it covers his entire chest and lap, unlike a typical bib which just protects his chest.  I don’t have a problem with food getting on his clothes when I use the cloth diaper.  I also use these for a simple drool/runny nose cloth.  Once again, the absorbency of these cloths work great to wipe the face off because it doesn’t just smear around the wetness on his face. 

If you are the type of person that fashion is more important than function, consider purchasing some decorative trim from a craft store and sewing two strips along each side for trim.  It’s a simple and inexpensive way to dress up a basic cloth diaper and you don’t have to sacrifice fashion for function.

Don’t waste your time on other burp cloths and give these old-fashioned cloth diapers a try!

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