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Cheap and Easy Nursery Art

DSC_1926Here is a quick, easy, and practically free way to add some great artwork to your baby’s nursery:  How about using some of those baby shower cards and gift bags you receive as artwork?  If you’re having a baby shower, and even if you’re not, you’re bound to get a variety of cute and usable supplies to turn into artwork for the nursery, and the best part is you don’t even have to be a creative person to do it!  Just follow these few, simple steps:

1.  Select your art

Go through the cards and gift bags you received and select a few that really catch your eye.  Many baby cards have adorable pictures of animals, nature, and of course, babies, that will make a great accent to the nursery.

2.  Decide where and how you want to use them

Do you want framed artwork on the wall or free-standing art on a shelf or dresser?  Do you want them grouped or as a single-focal point?  Think it through ahead of time to know how to tastefully and strategically use your selected pieces.

3.  Purchase supplies, if needed

If you want to frame your art, find cheap frames at a dollar or discount store.  Cards also look great free-standing in cube shelves (see above image) or simply on a dresser-top.

4.  Decorate

Place your creative artwork in it’s new home, step back, and enjoy your frugal, but meaningful new decor!

For another easy, crafty way to make-your-own nursery art, read about how to paint-your-own nursery artwork.

You can do it, and you can make it great!

Do you have any ideas for cheap and easy nursery art?

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