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Johnson’s Bedtime Bath: Does It Really Put Baby to Sleep Faster

I’ve seen a lot of advertisements in magazines and on the internet for Johnson’s Bedtime Bath and the claim that it will not only help your baby fall asleep faster, but will also help them sleep longer.  To any parent who has a baby that has trouble falling asleep and sleeping through the night, this may sound pretty compelling.  However, just reading their advertisement gets the logical side of my brain second-guessing their claims.  It just seems too good to be true. 

I decided to investigate a little more, having not actually tried the product myself, yet.  I started by going to the maker’s themselves at Johnson’s.  It says right on their description of the product that it’s “clinically proven to help babies fall asleep easier and sleep through the night better.”  As I read this, my brain is interpreting it as, “Just buy our magic potion, use it on baby every night, and all of your sleep problems will be instantly solved.”  There has to be a catch, and there is.  Read carefully and you will see that Johnson’s is actually saying that doing a bedtime routine every night is actually what helps baby fall asleep faster and sleep better, not the product itself. 

Now let me clarify, I have nothing against Johnson’s.  In fact, I use their baby products more than any other and I’m sure their Bedtime Bath line is great.  I just hope that people aren’t mislead into thinking that buying their Bedtime Bath product alone will make their baby sleep better.  A good and consistent bedtime routine is essential, and I would bet to say a good routine will make good sleep habits whether you have a specific nighttime bath formula to use or not. 

Although I already have a working bedtime routine with my baby already, I plan on trying Johnson’s Bedtime Bath just to be able to compare it to their other products.  The official review will be in the works.

If you would like more information on creating a bedtime routine for your baby, read about how to teach your baby to fall asleep on their own.

What is your experience with Johnson’s Bedtime Bath?

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