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Johnson’s Bedtime Bath Review

Here it is:  The official review of Johnson’s Bedtime Bath.  As stated in my previous post about this product, I was very skeptical about the company’s claims that this product line could actually help a baby fall asleep faster and sleep better during the night.  However, I had to test my speculations about Johnson’s Bedtime Bath and see for myself if it really is the miracle product it is advertised to be.  With that said, I went out and bought some myself to test on my 6 month old son in hopes it would improve his sleeping habits.

Up until this point, I already had a bedtime routine in place for my son.  He gets a bath at least every other night shortly before I begin this routine.  Therefore, it was very easy to add the new Johnson’s product into his bedtime routine without changing any other factors.  The only thing I changed in his routine was using the Johnson’s Bedtime Bath instead of the Huggies Soft Skin baby wash that we usually use.  I used the Johnson’s Bedtime Bath and followed their recommendations so I knew I was using the product correctly in hopes it would work.  The tested the product for a week straight.

The first time I used the product,  I found it’s lavendar scent to be very strong.  It isn’t that it is necessarily a bad smell, but it is very aromatic compared to other baby washes.  I would imagine that people who are very sensitive to strong scents would not find it very pleasant.  I simply used a small amount so the aroma was not overpowering, although it very easily could be if one used too much.  After bathtime, the smell of the wash remained fairly strong on baby’s skin.

My son typically still gets up 2-3 times each night, less if I’m lucky, but sometimes more.  Though skeptical, I was really hoping my gut feeling was wrong and the Bedtime Bath would really make the difference.  Unfortunately, night one of using the product began with him waking up four times. The subsequent nights were not any more improved compared to when I simply used the Huggies wash either.  So in my case, using Johnson’s Bedtime Bath definitely did not improve my sons sleep.  And although I applaud Johnson’s for teaching parents to make a bedtime routine for their babies, I definitely found that simply buying their product alone will not change baby’s sleep habits.

Overall, I would probably not buy this product again as I like the more mild aroma of the Huggies Soft Skin and original Johnson’s wash better.  However, I would not discourage anyone from buying Johnson’s Bedtime Bath if they like the smell and want to use it when starting a bedtime routine for baby.  Just don’t expect it to be a miracle product.

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