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Moby Wrap Review

“Baby-wearing” seems to be one of the hottest trends for getting around with your baby.  The comfort and ease of having baby securely held while running errands or doing housework is a huge plus for busy moms and dads.  Baby is not only happy to be close to you at all times, but you are able to keep them content while doing activities that require two hands.

 One of the more popular styles of baby carrier is the Moby Wrap.  The Moby Wrap is essentially a long sheet of stretchy fabric that can be wrapped and tied around the body to carry your baby.  One of my favorite thing about the Moby is its versatility.  This carrier can be worn more than ten different ways with baby!  Almost every other carrier out there on the market can only be worn in a limited way in comparison.  The Moby is definitely set apart from the rest in this respect.  The other thing that makes the Moby so versitile is the fact that it can be used for preemies to toddlers, and can be worn by moms, dads, and virtually any other family member.
So now to the details of the review:  I first used the Moby wrap with my newborn son, mostly to carry him around the house while doing housework.  I carried him in the Newborn Hug Hold, in which his legs were tucked into the wrap.  The first time I put the wrap on, it was somewhat awkward.  I am not an overly tall or large person, and it felt like there was too much material to do the job.  Luckily, Moby includes a color photo, step-by-step guide on how to wear the wrap correctly which made it very easy to get right.  The only problem I had the first few times was tying it snugly enough around my body so my baby wasn’t held too loosely.  However, after a few tries, it became very easy to get it right every time, and my baby loved the closeness of being held against my body most of the day.  He would sleep in it while I did housework and I even took some naps with him in it.  The only thing you need to be careful of, as with any carrier, is that your babies face is not stuffed into your clothing so that they have trouble breathing.
Now that my son is older, I like to carry him with the Lotus Hold, with his feet hanging out.  He loves being able to look around at everything. Yes, there is definitely more of a learning curve with the Moby versus other carriers, and it takes some time to get it in place, but I think the versatility is worth it.  You are sure to find a carrying style that both you and baby will love.
As far as comfort goes, the Moby is the best as they get.  The material is made of 100% cotton, and is very soft and somewhat stretchy, which makes it easy to wrap around the body and baby.  The material is of good quality in that it is not thin.  I never once worried that it would not be strong enough to hold my baby. When putting the wrap on, the shoulder straps are spread wide across the shoulders which helps balance the weight of your baby.  And since you are able to control the height and closeness of your baby, you can wear it in the way that is most comfortable for you.  I never experienced any back or shoulder pain.  I haven’t had a chance to wear it in the summer months yet, but I can imagine it may be a little warm with so much material.

The Original Moby Wrap retails for $45.99 and comes in several different colors to compliment you and your baby’s personalities.  I selected chocolate brown, which has kept its color well after several washes (which is another great feature of the Moby), and has been a great neutral color to wear with any outfit.  Be assured that there is a color option available to suit everyone’s taste.

One last great thing that I must mention about the Moby is that it gets people talking.  I have done some baby-wearing while shopping and it seems every time I go I get some type of positive comment about it.  The Moby Wrap is definitely a trendy, fashionable way to carry your baby, and people will notice!  And even more-so, people will notice how happy your  baby is being carried so close.
Overall, I have to say that IntoBaby is very into Moby! And now that my babies are growing, have you read that we are now into homeschooling too? Read our story about how homeschooling has been an amazing and freeing choice for our family! 
What do you think about the Moby?

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