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Moby Wrap vs. Boba Wrap: Which is Better?

There is no doubt about it:  I loved using my Moby Wrap when my son was an infant.  Now that he’s a toddler, I handed my Moby over to my sister-in-law to use with her baby girl.  And what do you know?  She loves it too!  But now that we’re expecting baby #2 soon, I was feeling a little anxious to get my Moby back, clean, and ready for use.  The only problem is my sister-in-law is still using it on a regular basis with her 9 month old, plus she is expecting another baby as well, so I really don’t want to take it back from her.

With that said, I was thinking of just letting her keep my old Moby and upgrading to a new one for baby #2.  My Moby is chocolate brown, and being that we’re going to have a summer baby, I was hoping to get something in a lighter color to help keep a little bit cooler in the summer heat.  So while shopping around online for the best option, I came across a wrap similar to the Moby that I had never heard of before: the Boba Wrap.

In all reality, the first thing I thought of the Boba Wrap was “it’s a Moby knock-off wrap”.  It is the same concept: a very long strip of material that you use to wrap your baby snugly to your body.  But after doing some research for myself, there are definitely some subtle but important differences to take note of.

The Moby Wrap is made of 100% cotton, while the Boba Wrap is 95% cotton with 5% Lycra, giving it more stretch and “bounce-back” ability than the Moby.  I contacted Boba Wrap to see what they said about what sets them apart from Moby.  They quickly replied with the following:

“The fabric is the main difference. This affects two things, how you wrap it and how you wear it. The fabric is a blend of cotton/spandex which allows some stretch. No need to leave room for your baby as the spandex will do that for you. Just tie it nice and snug and go about your day. No need to retie or adjust, even after nursing.”

One thing I did notice about my Moby was that it seemed to lose its shape once I removed my son from it.  Although I have not yet tried a Boba Wrap, it sounds like the fabric blend they use takes care of this problem.  Many reviewers rave about the Boba Wrap and love how they can tie it tightly, have enough stretch to insert their baby, and once they remove it it returns to its normal fit.  The Moby tends to sag once baby is removed and may need to be retied.

One advantage the Moby Wrap fabric has over the Boba Wrap is the fact that it will likely be a little bit cooler in the summer months.  Since the Moby is 100% cotton, it has the advantage of being a little more breathable than the Boba Wrap which contains spandex.

Both Moby and Boba Wraps come in a wide variety of appealing colors and retail for  approximately $39.95.  There are also organic fabric options offered by each company at a higher price point.

So, which one is better?  Being that I haven’t tried the Boba Wrap, yet, I can’t say which I like better from first-hand experience.  However, upon reading reviews and forums online, I would say that the majority of the people who have tried both tend to lean a little more in favor of the Boba Wrap overall.  The general consensus is that its ease of use due to the stetchability gives it the advantage compared to the Moby.

With that said, I plan on gifting my well-loved Moby to my sister-in-law and taking a chance on the Boba Wrap for baby #2.  I honestly think I would be happy with either (and would still recommend the Moby Wrap to anyone).  But I’m excited to try something a little different and share what I find.

Do you (or would you) prefer the Moby Wrap or Boba Wrap?

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