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Safe Baby Blankets: The Crocheted Blanket is Best!

Despite the fact that many experts agree that babies under the age of 1 should not sleep with a blanket, I couldn’t bear the idea of letting my son sleep without the security and warmth of one.  However, I was nervous about placing a blanket in his crib when hearing horror stories about SIDS and suffocation.  In trying to find the happy medium between safety and comfort, someone gave me a blanket that was the best compromise: a classic crocheted blanket.

Although crocheted blankets might not be the most desirable on your list of baby items (it sure wasn’t on mine), give them a chance before you rule them out.  My son’s crocheted blanket sat in storage until he was about 4 months old, when he outgrew swaddling.  He loved the feeling of having a blanket near his face when he fell asleep, so I continued using a blanket for him at night.  However, I found that most of his baby blankets were too warm and not very breathable.  It was then I remembered the crocheted blanket I had overlooked, and it has become his baby blanket of choice ever since.

There are a few reasons why I find the crocheted blanket to be superior to the rest.  I love the fact that it provides some warmth and comfort to baby at night, but it doesn’t overheat.  The blanket also provide more breathability than any of the other blankets since it has small gaps in the crocheted pattern.  These small holes also make it extra cozy and fun for little fingers and toes to snuggle with.  When it’s time to sleep, my son will stick his fingers through the holes and pull the blanket up to his cheeks, and rub his face on it until he goes to sleep.  I love the fact that the blanket seems safer than most, and that my son absolutely loves it.

If you’re lucky, you might get a crocheted baby blanket at a baby shower or from a relative.  Or maybe you even know how to crochet your own.  Either way, I would definitely give this type of blanket a try if you think your baby needs to sleep with a blanket at night.  It just may turn out to be everyone’s favorite.

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