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Should You Buy An Exersaucer or Jumper For Baby?

Exersaucers and jumpers serve in similar functions for older babies.  Both activities hold baby in an upright playing position, which is usually suitable for babies from around 4-5 months of age until they are able to walk.  Are you trying to decide which of these two activities will get the most use from baby?  In my opinion, the exersaucer is the clear winner, and here are the reasons why:

1.  Variety

Exersaucers typically have many more built-in toys and activities versus jumpers.  Baby is able to spin a 360 in the exersaucer to access the variety of toys to keep busy, which cuts back on boredom and will keep them occupied for a longer amount of time.  Jumpers usually have less built-in toys, if any at all.  Their main function is to allow babies to jump, which is fun for a while, but many times baby will get bored quickly.  Another great function of the exersaucer is the ability to change from a stationary activity to one that can rock back and forth.  It’s great having the option as to whether you want baby to be able to have more movement while playing or not.

2.  Safety

The safety of jumpers is questionable.  Jumpers allow babies to engage in movements that may be a little hard on the joints in their hips, legs, and even necks.  Use of jumpers may even be linked to ear problems in children which result in needing tubes.  The more stationary exersaucer is definitely the safer of the two options.  Some exersaucers have built-in springs to give baby a bouncing effect without being as hard on their little bodies.

3.  Cost

Most of the more extravagant jumpers start around $80 and up.  You can get an exersaucer with a variety of toys for less than $60.  Exersaucers are more cost effective for what you get. 

4.  Sanity

This might not be a big deal for some parents, but the constant thumping sound of a baby in a jumper just might be enough to drive others mad.  Jumpers are probably going to be a noisier choice as opposed to an exersaucer.

Both the exersaucer and jumper are okay choices for baby, but I definitely think the exersaucer has the edge if you must choose one or the other.  Before making the decision on which activity to buy for baby, consider the above factors to decide what is most important to you.

Do you find the exersaucer or jumper to be a better activity for baby?

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