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Three Reasons Why Breastfeeding is More Convenient Than Bottle Feeding

Many people who choose to bottle feed their babies say they made the decision because it is more convenient than breastfeeding.  If you’re on the fence about whether you will be breastfeeding or bottle feeding baby, don’t necessarily buy into the idea that bottle feeding is more convenient.  Here are a few reasons why breastfeeding is much more convenient than using a bottle for baby.

1.  It’s always ready.

Breastmilk doesn’t have to be prepared like formula.  There is no need to carry around formula wherever you go.  There is no need to wait for water to warm up.  For those middle-of-the-night feedings, you can forget about stumbling into the kitchen to prepare bottles.  Breastmilk is always the perfect temperature, and readily available for baby wherever you go, and whenever baby is hungry.

2.  No clean up.

Forget about cleaning all of those little baby bottle parts!  Breastfeeding will save you precious time by cutting back on the amount of cleaning you’ll have to do. 

3.  It’s free!

Formula can get expensive, and as much as a baby needs to eat, it will definitely add up fast no matter how many coupons you get in the mail!  You’ll save a lot of money by breastfeeding instead.

There is nothing wrong if a parent chooses to bottle feed baby exclusively, but don’t simply buy into the idea that it is the more convenient way to feed baby.

Do you find breastfeeding or bottle feeding to be more convenient?  Why?

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