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Here is the followup to working out with Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred.  Unfortunately, I had to end the program 2 weeks in due to a sprain.  I did see very good results in the little time I was able to do the workout.  I plan on restarting the program and finishing the full 30 days.  I highly recommend the 30 Day Shred for those who want a short, but very intense workout.  It totally kicked my butt the first few days, but my body responded very quickly and I was soon able to keep up, and eventually progress to level 2 (until my injury, which was not caused by the workout).  Here is my daily progress from the Shred. 

Day 1:

  • Start weight:  136

Day 2:

  • Weight: 134.2 (Down 1.8 pounds from Day 1)
  • Physical condition:  Still very sore!  But got a massage from my husband which helped.  Am already keeping up with the video a little better, but I still take a few seconds of rest during cardio.  Still struggling with push-ups.
  • Emotional condition:  Feeling optimistic.  My extra pounds should come off rather quickly if I stick to eating healthy and doing the work out.  But I still feel very out of shape, and dare I say, fat!
  • Here is my eating plan.  It’s pretty basic.  Try and eliminate my intake of processed foods and sugar and eat as much natural, whole foods as possible.  That part itself won’t be hard for me.  The hard part is to remember to drink more water
  • I don’t plan on doing any more structured workouts during the day besides the DVD.  I do take walks with my son on occasion, or go for bike rides, but nothing too intense.

Day 3

  • Weight: 132.8 (down 1.4 lbs from Day 2, 3.2 lbs overall)
  • Physical condition: Minorly sore, but still feeling it.  Almost can complete entire cardio set without resting (the jumping jacks/jump rope section still gets me).  Almost did an entire single set of the push ups without dropping to my knees.  Almost.
  • Emotional condition:  Motivated by seeing a drop on the scale, even if it is a lot of water weight.
  • I did well with eating yesterday.  I kept it light but snacked and drank a good amount of water in between.  I’m still not ready to progress to Level 2 of the video.

Day 4

  • Weight: 132.2 (down 0.6 lbs from Day 3, 3.8 lbs overall)
  • Physical condition:  Starting to feel a small change in my body.  My waist doesn’t feel and look so bloated.
  • Emotional condition:  Having intense sugar cravings!
  • Despite the fact that I am craving all-things-bad for my body right now, the improvements I’m seeing already have helped keep me from caving in.  I even turned down a bag of my favorite, Reese’s peanut butter cups, from my mother-in-law.  Another small battle won!

Day 5

  • Weight: missed my weigh-in (did some early morning garage saling)
  • Physical condition:  Starting to get a couple of bicep bumps!  Woohoo!
  • Emotional condition: Still craving bad foods
  • My husband took the day off from work and we did some shopping.  He asked me what I wanted to eat lunch.  I wanted something greasy and salty, but we decided on a more healthy option of Japanese stir-fry.  So glad we did!  It was delicious and I don’t feel it will set me back any!

Day 6:

  • Weight: 131.4, but I failed to eat supper last night (playing a late night concert) so it’s probably not an accurate number
  • Physical condition:  My legs feel more toned, and stomach and sides more trim.  Completed the entire workout for the first time today, regular push-ups and all!
  • Emotional condition: Feeling awesome!

Day 7:

  • Weight: 132.2
  • Physical condition: Taking a well-deserved day of rest today.
  • Emotional condition: Accomplished
  • Today I had my cheat meal.  I was still going to watch what I ate, but ended up celebrating with one-too-many slices of pizza and some ice cream.  But back to the straight and narrow tomorrow!

Day 8:

  • Weight:  I purposefully skipped my weigh-in this morning.  I didn’t want to be discouraged by my cheat meal last night, which I know will have me up higher than I’d like to see. 
  • Physical condition:  Still full from last night
  • Emotional condition:  Feeling a little regret about the cheat meal, but I even more determined to tackle Level 2 at my next workout!

Day 9:

  • Weight: 131.2 (4.8 lbs lost total!)
  • Physical condition: I can tell a difference in my whole body (even my butt!) but still need to get more toned.
  • Emotional condition:  Feeling redeemed after having a cheat meal 2 days ago.

Day 10:

  • Weight: 131.2- Same as yesterday!
  • Physical condition: Level 1 is feeling easy, so definitely need to move on to Level 2 tonight!
  • Emotional condition: A little frustrated that I’ve plateaued on the scale already, but excited to see what Level 2 is going to do for me.

Day 11:

  • Weight: 132
  • Physical condition: Started Level 2!
  • Emotional condition: Still frustrated by the plateau, but happy to be on Level 2.
  • Level 2 started off easier than I thought.  I thought the walking push-ups were easier than regular push-ups.  But the new cardio series is pretty brutal, being that it combines strength with cardio and has me on the floor most of the time.  I definitely did the “easy” version of most of the cardio.

Day 12:

  • This is the unfortunate day that I got an injury.  The Shred has been put on hold.  🙁

So overall, I lost about 4 pounds in less than 2 weeks with the Shred.  More importantly, my muscles feel more toned and I made definite and quick improvements in my physical condition.  I can’t wait to get back into the Shred and finish it!  I highly recommend it, but be prepared for a very intense workout.  It is not for the faint of heart. 

Has anyone else tried the Shred?  What do you think?


Fisher Price Take Along Swing Review

The Fisher Price Take Along Swing is a great option for parents wanting a swing that is both space-conscious and portable.  The swing comes in a few different styles, including Precious Planet, Rainforest, Khaki Sands, and Woodlands to name a few.  The swing is for babies up to 25 pounds or until they are able to crawl out of the seat.  All swings are equipped with a 3-point harness and are capable of 5 speeds.  Some of the models come with music and a removable toy bar as well.  The Take Along Swing runs on 4 “C” batteries.  The swings range in price from $49.99 to $74.99 depending on the style. 

I personally own and have used the Precious Planet model for my son since about 2 months of age.  He was going through a phase in which he was very fussy.  In desperation my husband decided to buy a swing in hopes it would help with his fussiness.  He decided on the Fisher Price Take Along Swing first of all for the price.  It is one of the cheapest swings available being that baby swing can easily run $100 and up.  We have used the swing for about 6 months total so far so I have had adequate time to test it.

There are definitely a lot of great things about the swing.  First and foremost, it’s space-saving feature is wonderful.  It’s easy when you have a baby to have your living space completely overrun with baby items, but the small build of this swing definitely cuts back on that.  It is very compact and low to the ground, and not an eye sore like some of the over-sized swings out there.  It is also quick and easy to fold up for storing in a closet or behind the couch.  The seat of the swing folds in half and the legs come together with the squeeze of a button.  Having a smaller home, the compactness of the swing has been wonderful.  Portability goes hand-in-hand with the space-saving feature of this swing.  Because it is small and fully collapsible, it is very easy to throw in the trunk of the car when traveling. 

Another great feature of the swing is how quiet it is.  I have heard some baby swings that have a loud grinding sound when they are running, but this one doesn’t have that at all.  It isn’t completely silent, but it is definitely quiet.  On my particular model of swing, there are 7 songs that cycle through if I choose to play them while baby swings.  I usually don’t like baby toys with music.  Many times I find them to be too high pitched and simply annoying, but the songs that come with this swing are actually tastefully done and relaxing.  The music can be turned off, quiet, or loud.  The five speed settings are at good intervals.  The swing cushion is very comfortable and is machine washable.  The design would be great for either a boy or girl. 

There are a couple of things I dislike about the swing.  First of all, the seat has only one position: reclined.  As my son has gotten older he wants to sit up in it.  We simply can’t use the swing anymore for play, but only for when he is tired.  Despite this fact, he is almost 8 months old and is probably really too old for playing in a swing anyways since he is nearly crawling.  He would rather play on the floor or in an exersaucer.  One more thing that may be a downside is the fact that it runs on battery power only.  I have only had to replace the batteries once in the 6 months we’ve used it, but I know some people would rather have the option to plug it in. 

Here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons:

Pros:  Affordable price, space-saving design, easy to fold and store, tasteful design and music, quiet

Cons: Non-adjustable seat, battery only, not for older babies

Overall, I am very into the Fisher Price Take Along Swing.  I don’t think I would ever use a different type of swing for baby.


Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment Review

Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment is a popular all natural diaper rash cream.  For parents choosing to use organic baby products, this may be a good choice.  This diaper ointment is 100% natural and made with ingredients such as sweet almond oil, beeswax, lavender oil, and rosemary leaf extract so you know you will only be putting safe substances on baby’s skin.  A 3 oz. bottle of Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment retails for $8.99.

Having used Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment on my son, there are definitely a few things I like about it.  Most importantly, I feel it did a good job clearing my son’s diaper rash, which was mild to moderate.  However, I don’t believe it cleared any better than when using Desitin.  The consistency of the cream is much thicker than Desitin, which I find to be a great feature of the Burt’s Bees.  The thickness of the cream allows it to adhere well to baby’s skin and stay there.  The cream doesn’t get absorbed into the diaper or into the skin.  It simply does it’s job well, which is to create a barrier between baby’s skin and a wet diaper.  And of course I love the fact that it is 100% natural.  There aren’t any ingredients listed that I can’t pronounce, which means baby isn’t exposed to any unnecessary chemicals.

The only thing about Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment I’m not particularly fond of is the scent.  While it is not a bad smell, it is simply a little bit on the strong side.  This is due to the large variety of natural oils and extracts that compose the product.  However, once baby’s diaper is on it subdues the scent a little, and it actually becomes quite pleasant.

Here is a quick breakdown on the pros and cons:

Pros:  100% natural and safe for baby’s skin, thick cream that stays on between changing, clears diaper rash well

Cons:  Strong scent, pricey

Overall, I have been happy with Burt’s Bees Diaper Ointment.  However, I don’t necessarily think it works any better than any other diaper rash cream.  The real advantage of this cream is that it is 100% natural.  If this is very important to you, Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment might be the right cream for baby.

Have you used Burt’s Bees Baby Bee Diaper Ointment?  What do you think about the product?


Diapers.com Review: Why I Love It

Never do a last minute diaper run again!  Diapers.com offers everything you could ever possibly need for baby and always offer free overnight shipping on all orders over $49, which we all know is easy to reach when you’re buying diapers and wipes. 

The other day I noticed I was on the last few diapers for baby, but I hate the inconvenience of running to the store, especially the grocery store where diapers are always overpriced.  I knew Diapers.com had free overnight shipping, so I decided to place my order with them.  I ordered diapers, wipes, baby sunscreen, baby cereal, and Robeez at about 5 pm, and it shipped to my door by 1 pm the next day. 

On top of having great shipping, Diapers.com always has online coupons on certain items that are automatically applied to your order.  You can also mail in manufacturers coupons and they will credit them to your account.  Also, all first-time customers get $10 off their first order, no matter how much you spend.  And once you have an account, you can earn a small credit for referring your friends.

The variety of products they carry is wonderful.  I was able to find Pampers Swaddlers in size 3 for my son, which I haven’t been able to find at any other store.  I love the fact that you can have anything from baby food to car seats shipped overnight to your front door.  That, my friends, is hard to beat!

If you haven’t checked out Diapers.com yet, I’m sure you will be pleased with what they offer.  Like I said, you can’t beat free overnight shipping to your front door!  Use the code “BECK6695” on your first order and you’ll get $10 off. 

Happy shopping at Diapers.com!

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The Best Camera for Baby Pictures

If there is one thing you splurge on for baby, make it the camera.  A high-quality digital camera will make sure you capture the best photos of baby, which will give you priceless memories to look back on.  I’m not talking about spending a couple hundred dollars on an okay camera.  I’m talking about spending over a thousand for the best camera for baby pictures.  Yes, it is a big investment, but one that I can assure you will be completely worth all of the perfectly clear and beautiful baby photos it will capture. 

The best camera for baby pictures is the Nikon D90.  It is a 12.3 megapixel digital SLR camera that won’t disappoint.  This camera is for both the amatuer and advanced photographer, with options of automatic or manual camera settings.  Not only will the camera take awesome pictures, but it also can take HD video as well, which is great for capturing video clips of baby.  The picture quality makes cheaper cameras look like garbage.  The Nikon D90 retails for about $1200, but I can assure you it will be worth it to have beautiful baby photos.

My husband convinced me before our son was born that we should invest in a nicer digital camera.  I thought the one we already had was really nice.  It cost over $400.  After doing a lot of research, he decided that the D90 would be the best camera for taking baby pictures.  Since I too wanted to have the best baby pictures possible, I agreed to making the purchase, and we have not regretted it one bit!  The D90 has put our other “nice” digital camera out of business.  When I first posted baby photos on Facebook, my friends were all asking what type of camera I used because the pictures were so awesome. I won’t take baby pictures with anything other than the D90 because there is no comparison to it’s quality.  Although I was very skeptical of the price at first, I now see that it was totally worth such a big investment.  We will have beautiful photos of our baby as he grows, and we’ll have it for any future children as well.  

A high-quality camera is a long-term investment.  You only have one chance to capture each moment with baby.  We love our Nikon D90 and I’m sure it will give you the best baby photos possible as well.

What cameras do you find to be great for baby photos?


Finally, a diaper bag that Daddy won’t be embarrassed to carry!  The Skip Hop Via Messenger Diaper Bag is the perfect design for the dad that would otherwise feel a little weird carrying Winnie the Pooh or something worse over his shoulder.  Everything about this diaper bag makes it manly enough for Dad to proudly wear over his shoulder, from the simple messenger bag style to the colors. 

In our quest to find the perfect diaper bag, we were a little frustrated in finding one that didn’t scream “baby” all over it.  Most diaper bags have colors and patterns that make it obvious that it’s a diaper bag.  For the sake of my husband, I went on the search to find a diaper bag that he wouldn’t be embarrassed slinging over his shoulder.  I found the Skip Hop Messenger Diaper Bag, and it was exactly what I was looking for.  The diaper bag could easily pass as a lap top bag, so I knew my husband would carry it without having to surrender his manly image.  Before purchasing we decided on a color together.  The diaper bag comes in five colors: green, black, grey, brown, and red, all of which would be suitable for dad to carry.  We decided on green and are very happy with the color.

This diaper bag is very sleek looking, and not bulky at all.  Because of this, it may not be able to hold as much as more traditional diaper bags, but it’s space is still sufficient for the essentials.  The diaper bag has 18 pockets total, some with elastic and some with zippers.  The flap on top of the bag has magnets to hold the bag closed for quick and easy access.  The bag is also able to clip onto the handles of a stroller for easy carrying and access when you’re out and about.

Both Daddy and I are definitely into the Skip Hop Via Messenger Diaper Bag.  It retails for $79 and is a great buy that Dad will be sure to carry with pride.


Boppy Pillow Review

The Boppy pillow has almost become a staple baby item for parents.  As a first time parent, I didn’t really understand why a simple curved pillow for baby was so irreplaceable.  But after hearing several people recommend the Boppy, I decided to give it a try.  Since I wasn’t sure if I’d even use it, I bought a used one for a fraction of the price before baby arrived.  So is the Boppy worth the money?  Read on to find out what I thought.

First of all, a new Boppy pillow retails for $29.99.  On top of that, a washable slipcover will need to be purchased to protect the pillow, which start at $9.99.  Slipcovers come in a variety of prints and fabrics so you’ll be sure to find a print that you like.  There is even an organic slipcover option.  The Boppy pillow is soft, but firm and weighs about 3 pounds.  The C-shape of the pillow allows it to be multi-functional.  Boppy states that the pillow can can be used for four different activities for baby: feeding, lounging, playing, and sitting.  I will review each of it’s uses individually:

1.  Feeding

I brought my Boppy to the hospital with me when we had our son.  However, I found I never used it since I had a pile of blankets on my lap.  When we got home from the hospital, I used it quite a bit for breastfeeding.  The Boppy fits great around the waist area and it gave baby a soft, raised surface to lay on while feeding.  However, the more I used the pillow for feedings, the more annoyed with it I got.  It wasn’t the pillow itself, but more the process of putting it on.  It was awkward trying to hold baby and get the pillow on at the same time.  After a few weeks of using it for feeding, I stopped using the Boppy for this purpose altogether.  It didn’t really help so much with feeding for me to even miss it.  I found it to be more of a hassle than anything.  One more thing to note about using it for feeding is that I can imagine that the pillow might not fit well around the waist of larger parents.  However, Boppy is apparently making a pillow with an expandable middle to remedy this.  Overall, I wasn’t into the Boppy for feeding.

2.  Lounging

The Boppy offers a snug place to let baby lounge, whether they are newborn or several months old.  The pillow allows for baby to lean back and relax while their head, shoulders, and sides of the body are supported.  I used the Boppy quite a bit for this purpose when my baby was younger, until about 4 months age when he was ready for other activities.  Although I still use it on occasions now that he is 7 months old, it is rare.  However, my son seemed to love the feeling of lounging in the Boppy.  The way it hugs the body makes them feel very secure and relaxed. 

3.  Playing (Tummy Time)

Of all of the functions of the Boppy pillow, I think this one if probably the weakest.  By hanging babies chest and arms over the side of the Boppy, it’s supposed to give baby tummy time in a more propped position.  The few times I tried it, my baby hated it.  It looked uncomfortable and awkward.  Based on my experience, I would not recommend using this for tummy time.

4.  Sitting

I wasn’t sold on the Boppy until my son started learning how to sit on his own.  In fact, my Boppy was almost collecting dust in the corner until this milestone.  But when he neared 6 months and was learning how to sit up and balance (and fall), the Boppy was the go-to item.  By setting him in the center of the pillow, he almost had 360 degrees of a safety net for each time he toppled over.  The only time he’d hit the floor is when he would fall straight forward.  Having the Boppy as he learned to sit was much easier and convenient than simply stacking pillows or blankets around him.  By far, using the Boppy for sitting is the best function of the product.  In fact, it saved my opinion of the Boppy.  I didn’t buy into it’s popularity until my son started sitting.  And then I realized it’s true value.

Overall, I would say I am into the Boppy, but mostly for it’s sitting function.  All of the other functions were simply okay, but using it when baby learned to sit made it worth the purchase.  Whether you buy the Boppy new or used, I’m sure you’ll find at least one thing that makes it irreplaceable.

What do you like or dislike about the Boppy?


Exersaucers and jumpers serve in similar functions for older babies.  Both activities hold baby in an upright playing position, which is usually suitable for babies from around 4-5 months of age until they are able to walk.  Are you trying to decide which of these two activities will get the most use from baby?  In my opinion, the exersaucer is the clear winner, and here are the reasons why:

1.  Variety

Exersaucers typically have many more built-in toys and activities versus jumpers.  Baby is able to spin a 360 in the exersaucer to access the variety of toys to keep busy, which cuts back on boredom and will keep them occupied for a longer amount of time.  Jumpers usually have less built-in toys, if any at all.  Their main function is to allow babies to jump, which is fun for a while, but many times baby will get bored quickly.  Another great function of the exersaucer is the ability to change from a stationary activity to one that can rock back and forth.  It’s great having the option as to whether you want baby to be able to have more movement while playing or not.

2.  Safety

The safety of jumpers is questionable.  Jumpers allow babies to engage in movements that may be a little hard on the joints in their hips, legs, and even necks.  Use of jumpers may even be linked to ear problems in children which result in needing tubes.  The more stationary exersaucer is definitely the safer of the two options.  Some exersaucers have built-in springs to give baby a bouncing effect without being as hard on their little bodies.

3.  Cost

Most of the more extravagant jumpers start around $80 and up.  You can get an exersaucer with a variety of toys for less than $60.  Exersaucers are more cost effective for what you get. 

4.  Sanity

This might not be a big deal for some parents, but the constant thumping sound of a baby in a jumper just might be enough to drive others mad.  Jumpers are probably going to be a noisier choice as opposed to an exersaucer.

Both the exersaucer and jumper are okay choices for baby, but I definitely think the exersaucer has the edge if you must choose one or the other.  Before making the decision on which activity to buy for baby, consider the above factors to decide what is most important to you.

Do you find the exersaucer or jumper to be a better activity for baby?


Huggies vs. Pampers: Which Diaper is Best?

This is the king of all debates in the disposible diaper world: Are Huggies or Pampers the better diaper for baby?  There are definitely many other brands of diapers on the market, but Huggies and Pampers and probably the two most prominent and popular.  I have personally used both brands and to me there is a clear winner.  But first, here is my experience in using these popular diaper brands.

The first type of diaper we used on baby were Pampers Swaddlers provided by the hospital.  The first thing I noticed was how soft they were.  They claim to be “blankie soft”, and indeed they are extremely soft to the touch.  They also come with a built-in strip on the diaper that changes color from yellow to green when the diaper is wet so you have a visible marker when baby needs to be changed.  The Swaddlers also have an indent in the newborn diapers for umbilical cord care.  We continued to use Pampers for the first few weeks of our son’s life.  We experienced some occasional leaking but overall were very happy with the Pampers.

We also tried Huggies Snugglers for some time.  They have similar qualities of the Pampers Swaddlers, with a wetness indicator and umbilical cord care indent in the diaper.  They didn’t seems as soft as the Swaddlers, but were still fairly soft to the touch.  However, they did feel more stiff than the Pampers.  The thing I definitely did not like about the Huggies was the fit.  The cut and the tab system is different than that of the Pampers, and it simply didn’t fit as well with our baby.  We had more problems with leaks as well.

We have since gone back to using Pampers since we overall had a better experience, although now our son is out of the Swaddlers and now only fits into Pampers Cruisers.  The Cruisers are not as soft as the Swaddlers and more stiff.  I wish Pampers made all of their diapers as soft as the Swaddlers.  The Cruisers also don’t have the wetness indicator, which is really unnecessary for an older baby anyways.  We are amazed as to how much the Cruisers hold.  Our son can sleep in them all night and not have any problems with leaks.  They have the classic Pampers fit, which has definitely been superior to the Huggies in our case.

When trying to decide the best diaper for baby, it is important to remember that your baby is unique.  What worked best for us might not work best for you.  You may find that Pampers are the best diaper, or possibly even Huggies are the best fit for your baby.  I just know that in our experience, Pampers were the definitely best for our baby.

Which diaper do you find to be best for baby: Huggies or Pampers?


Space-Saving Baby Gear Checklist

Do you have a cozy living space and not much room for a lot of big, bulky baby gear?  Luckily, there are many space-saving options for baby gear on the market so you can have all you need for baby without it completely taking over your living space.  Here are a few recommendations for items that are often bulky that I was able to find space-saving solutions:

1.  The Baby Swing

Most baby swings on the market are tall, wide, and downright noisy.  And on top of all of that, they are expensive!  Traditional baby swings aren’t easily broken down and packed away and definitely aren’t travel sized.  Wanting to be space-conscious in our own home, my husband purchased the Fisher-Price Take-Along Swing.  It is simply the perfect size for our small living room.  It sits low to the ground so it isn’t an eye sore, and its legs and seat easily fold up at the push of a button.  This space-saving option allows us to quickly fold up the swing when it’s not in use and tuck it next to a wall, behind a chair, or in the closet.  This capability also makes it very portable which is great for traveling.  I have also found that this swing is very quiet compared to more traditional baby swings.  And with a retail price of $69.99, it is a more economical option as well.  And for an even better deal, a more simplified version of this swing is available for $49.99, called Woodlands.  By far, this is the best space-saving swing.

2.  The High Chair

Fisher price makes a high chair specifically with space-saving in mind, thus called the Fisher-Price Space Saver High Chair.  This high chair acts more like a booster seat that is simply strapped into one of the chairs at the dining room table, thus not taking up any extra space that a more traditional high-chair with its own legs would.  This also makes the Space Saver a very portable high chair.  It retails for about $54.99.

If you are looking for a more traditional high chair that stands on its own, the Graco Contempo is an excellent choice.  Although it is more pricey than the Space-Saver high chair, it is probably the best full-sized high-chair on the market with the ability to save space.  The Contempo can quickly and easily be folded and compacted into a very slim frame for sensible storing.  I opted for the Graco Contempo for a few reasons: it’s space-saving design, it’s fashionable colors, and the fact that it is a recommended buy from Consumer Reports.  We have been very happy with our decision.

3. The Exersaucer/Jumper

As baby gets older and likes to play in a more upward position, many parents turn to exersaucers or jumpers, or even both, as entertainment for baby.  However, these activities are probably the bulkiest of baby activities.  A great solution is the Fisher-Price Bounce and Spin Activity Center.  It combines the function of both the exersaucer and jumper into one and is a much more compact option.  This item retails for $69.99, so it is also cheaper than many exersaucers and jumpers.

4.  The Crib

If you’ve got a small space to work with for the baby nursery,or maybe you’re sharing your room with baby, a mini crib might be a good option.  Not only will they take us less space, but there are many design options and colors to choose from so you don’t have to sacrifice looks.  Some mini cribs are even able to be converted into twin sized beds.  Here is a list of some of the available options:

Whether you have a smaller living space or just don’t want your house overrun with baby items, use these space saving solutions to help you breathe easy. 

What space-saving products have you seen or used that you could recommend?

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