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The Best Camera for Baby Pictures

If there is one thing you splurge on for baby, make it the camera.  A high-quality digital camera will make sure you capture the best photos of baby, which will give you priceless memories to look back on.  I’m not talking about spending a couple hundred dollars on an okay camera.  I’m talking about spending over a thousand for the best camera for baby pictures.  Yes, it is a big investment, but one that I can assure you will be completely worth all of the perfectly clear and beautiful baby photos it will capture. 

The best camera for baby pictures is the Nikon D90.  It is a 12.3 megapixel digital SLR camera that won’t disappoint.  This camera is for both the amatuer and advanced photographer, with options of automatic or manual camera settings.  Not only will the camera take awesome pictures, but it also can take HD video as well, which is great for capturing video clips of baby.  The picture quality makes cheaper cameras look like garbage.  The Nikon D90 retails for about $1200, but I can assure you it will be worth it to have beautiful baby photos.

My husband convinced me before our son was born that we should invest in a nicer digital camera.  I thought the one we already had was really nice.  It cost over $400.  After doing a lot of research, he decided that the D90 would be the best camera for taking baby pictures.  Since I too wanted to have the best baby pictures possible, I agreed to making the purchase, and we have not regretted it one bit!  The D90 has put our other “nice” digital camera out of business.  When I first posted baby photos on Facebook, my friends were all asking what type of camera I used because the pictures were so awesome. I won’t take baby pictures with anything other than the D90 because there is no comparison to it’s quality.  Although I was very skeptical of the price at first, I now see that it was totally worth such a big investment.  We will have beautiful photos of our baby as he grows, and we’ll have it for any future children as well.  

A high-quality camera is a long-term investment.  You only have one chance to capture each moment with baby.  We love our Nikon D90 and I’m sure it will give you the best baby photos possible as well.

What cameras do you find to be great for baby photos?

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