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Fisher Price Take Along Swing Review

The Fisher Price Take Along Swing is a great option for parents wanting a swing that is both space-conscious and portable.  The swing comes in a few different styles, including Precious Planet, Rainforest, Khaki Sands, and Woodlands to name a few.  The swing is for babies up to 25 pounds or until they are able to crawl out of the seat.  All swings are equipped with a 3-point harness and are capable of 5 speeds.  Some of the models come with music and a removable toy bar as well.  The Take Along Swing runs on 4 “C” batteries.  The swings range in price from $49.99 to $74.99 depending on the style. 

I personally own and have used the Precious Planet model for my son since about 2 months of age.  He was going through a phase in which he was very fussy.  In desperation my husband decided to buy a swing in hopes it would help with his fussiness.  He decided on the Fisher Price Take Along Swing first of all for the price.  It is one of the cheapest swings available being that baby swing can easily run $100 and up.  We have used the swing for about 6 months total so far so I have had adequate time to test it.

There are definitely a lot of great things about the swing.  First and foremost, it’s space-saving feature is wonderful.  It’s easy when you have a baby to have your living space completely overrun with baby items, but the small build of this swing definitely cuts back on that.  It is very compact and low to the ground, and not an eye sore like some of the over-sized swings out there.  It is also quick and easy to fold up for storing in a closet or behind the couch.  The seat of the swing folds in half and the legs come together with the squeeze of a button.  Having a smaller home, the compactness of the swing has been wonderful.  Portability goes hand-in-hand with the space-saving feature of this swing.  Because it is small and fully collapsible, it is very easy to throw in the trunk of the car when traveling. 

Another great feature of the swing is how quiet it is.  I have heard some baby swings that have a loud grinding sound when they are running, but this one doesn’t have that at all.  It isn’t completely silent, but it is definitely quiet.  On my particular model of swing, there are 7 songs that cycle through if I choose to play them while baby swings.  I usually don’t like baby toys with music.  Many times I find them to be too high pitched and simply annoying, but the songs that come with this swing are actually tastefully done and relaxing.  The music can be turned off, quiet, or loud.  The five speed settings are at good intervals.  The swing cushion is very comfortable and is machine washable.  The design would be great for either a boy or girl. 

There are a couple of things I dislike about the swing.  First of all, the seat has only one position: reclined.  As my son has gotten older he wants to sit up in it.  We simply can’t use the swing anymore for play, but only for when he is tired.  Despite this fact, he is almost 8 months old and is probably really too old for playing in a swing anyways since he is nearly crawling.  He would rather play on the floor or in an exersaucer.  One more thing that may be a downside is the fact that it runs on battery power only.  I have only had to replace the batteries once in the 6 months we’ve used it, but I know some people would rather have the option to plug it in. 

Here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons:

Pros:  Affordable price, space-saving design, easy to fold and store, tasteful design and music, quiet

Cons: Non-adjustable seat, battery only, not for older babies

Overall, I am very into the Fisher Price Take Along Swing.  I don’t think I would ever use a different type of swing for baby.

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