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How to Choose the Perfect Baby Name for Baby: 5 Things You Must Consider

Choosing the perfect baby name is one of the most important tasks for new parents to undertake.  One should take a lot of things into consideration when choosing a baby name in order to make sure the best decision is made. Afterall, a name is something that you and baby will have to live with for the rest of your lives!  Choosing a name is not something to take lightly if you want to have no regrets about your decision.  To make the best decision possible, consider the following five factors when choosing a name for baby:

1.  Popularity

You may really like the names Jacob and Emma, but do you want there to be five other kids in their class with the same names?  Whether you want a popular name or not, it may be a good idea to search for the current most popular names to help you make your decision. 

2.  Originality

Maybe you are wanting to pick a nontraditional name for baby.  Nontraditional names can be done is very good taste, but they can also go very wrong.  You may love “Star Wars”, but naming your baby “Jedi”, although very original, might not be the wisest choice.  And just because your favorite insect is a bee doesn’t mean you should name your baby girl “Bumble Bea”.  (And yes, these are real names of kids I’ve met!)  By all means, be inspired by movies and nature for original names, but remember to consider your baby when they become an older child and adult.  You don’t want to pick a name that they are embarrassed by or invokes teasing.

3.  Family history

Many families have names that have been passed down for generations.  Even if you don’t want baby to be “the fourth”, you might consider using great-grandpa’s name as a middle name.  Sometimes a past relative’s middle name would make a great first name for baby as well.  Using a name in such a way can be very meaningful way to honor someone in the family whether they have past on or are still alive, and it will also be meaningful to your child when they are old enough to understand.

4.  Gender specificity

Be careful about choosing a name for baby that is typical of the opposite sex (i.e. a boy named Mackenzie or girl named Danny).  Yes, both names are perfectly acceptable, but just know that if you’re choosing a name that is typically for the opposite sex that it will probably cause some confusion to other people at some point in baby’s life.  Just be prepared to possibly get some confused looks when going in for a doctor’s appointment or when introducing your new baby. 

5.  Spelling

A lot of parents decide to put a new twist to a traditional name by changing the spelling.  If you are considering this, know that you may be setting your child up for a life of having his or her name mispronounced and misspelled.  Changing “Sarah” to “Cereh” and “Aaron” to “Arron” may seem straightforward to you as the parent, but to other people it may not be so easy. 

Choosing a name for baby should be taken very seriously.  Take your time and consider everything about it before making the final decision.  Most importantly, once you’ve made the decision, don’t apologize to other people for the name you’ve chosen.  It is solely your responsibility to choose a suitable name, and what others think in the end isn’t as important.  Just keep baby’s best interest in mind and you will be sure to make the best decision when choosing the perfect name for baby.

How do you choose a name for baby?  What factors did you consider to be important or not important?

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