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How to Make a Stuffed Animal Dog for Baby

Here is a fun and easy project to make a very cute stuffed animal dog for your baby which can either be used for play, decorating the nursery, or even decorating at a baby shower.  The idea and pattern came from allsorts.  This project took approximately 2 hours for me to complete including the time it took to cut out the material.  I’m sure it would have gone faster but it was my first project of this type.  It is very easy to do.  My 8 and 10 year old nephews made them right along with me with little help.  I also changed the pattern a little bit from the original.  I cut the ears off and rounded the nose off for my nephews’ dogs and also changed the bottom piece from the original so I didn’t have to sew as many pieces.  I then had them sew “floppy ears” on their dogs versus the spiked ears in the pattern.  Either way, it’s an easy and fun project to do.

Here are the steps to sew your own stuffed animal dog:

1.  Gather your materials

  • Pattern from allsorts or make-your-own like the one in this youtube video
  • Fabric- felt is a good heavy material to use, but any kind should work
  • String- embroidery floss or regular sewing thread is fine
  • Embroidery needles
  • Poly-fil for stuffing
  • Safety pins
  • Scissors
  • Fabric glue (optional)

2.  Cut out the pieces

Pin your pattern to the material and cut out the pieces.  For my dog, I cut 2 profile pieces and 1 customized piece that I made for the bottom and inside of the legs (see picture below).  I also cut out the crown piece for between the ears.  The pattern I used for the “floppy-eared” dog is shown as well.

3.  Add embellishments

If you’re going to be sewing on eyes, spots, or any other types of designs, do it now before you start sewing the body of the dog together.  This will give you the easiest access and the ability to hide the knots on the inside.  I decided to sew the letter “e” on the back on my dog for my son’s initial.  I used some gorilla glue to help hold it while I sewed.  Just remember that if you’re making this as a baby toy that you shouldn’t use any pieces that can break off that baby could choke on.

4.  Sew the body

Pin the seams together and use a whip stitch to sew the body together.  There is no right or wrong order to do it, just try to do it in the most logical way possible and remember to leave an opening for the stuffing.

5.  Stuff

Stuff the entire animal with Poly-fil.  Use a pencil tip if you have trouble reaching into the small corners.  Pack the stuffing in pretty tightly so the animal will hold its shape well.

6.  Finish and enjoy!

Whip stitch the opening shut, add a collar if you like, and you’re done!  Give to baby to enjoy (remember you don’t want any dangerous small pieces!) or place on a shelf in the nursery to decorate or as a centerpiece at a baby shower.  So cute and so easy!

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