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Ju-Ju-Be Paci Pods: Never Lose a Pacifier Again!

Maybe I’ve been living in the dark ages for far too long, but I recently came across the Ju-Ju-Be Paci Pod and immediately wondered two things:  Why didn’t I think of this? and Why didn’t anyone tell me about these? 

I think we’ve probably all been there before…desperately digging around the bottom of the diaper bag searching for a much-needed pacifier for an unhappy baby.  You know there are at least half a dozen in there, somewhere, but you can never seem to find them when you need them.  And then when you do find one, its got all types of fun little things stuck to it from hanging out in the bottom of the diaper bag.

And now enters the Paci Pod.  A cute, round little bag that clips directly onto your diaper bag and neatly (and cleanly) stores 2 easily-accessible, ready-to-go pacifiers.  So simple and ingenius.  And so practical.  Again, I ask, why didn’t anyone tell me about these?

The Ju-Ju-Be Paci Pod retails for $8 and comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns.  Here are just a couple of many options:

So glad I stumbled across these before Baby #2 gets here!  Make sure you enlighten someone today about these Ju-Ju-Be Paci Pods today!

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