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Ambassador Baby Hairbrush Review

Forget those cheap, plastic baby hairbrushes with synthetic bristles!  The Ambassador Wooden Baby Hairbrush is a quality hairbrush that has enough charm to become a great keepsake years after baby is grown. 

The features of the Ambassador hairbrush make it easily stand apart from the rest.  The head and handle of the brush are made from a light colored natural wood.  The bristles are boar bristles.  If you have never used a boar-bristled brush before, you need to give it a try!  The bristles are firm but not coarse, and gentle enough to use on baby’s head.  Boar bristles are great for keeping hair looking its best as they help distribute the hair’s natural oils. 

Another great thing about Ambassador, for those environmentally conscious, is that everything in this brush is environmentally friendly.  The wood used in the brush is from non-endangered trees, and the bristles are sheared from the animals like wool is sheared from sheep.  Even the box the brush comes in is made from 100% recycled materials. 

But don’t buy this brush to environmentally friendly!  It’s a great little brush for baby.  It’s the only brush I have used for my son since birth.  The wooden brush is very tough in that it has held up against months of letting him bang it on the floor and chew on it.  I know this brush will last for a lifetime of babies!  And that’s why I’m into the Ambassador Baby Hairbrush!

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