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Annoucing Baby #2

I am happy to announce that my husband and I are officially expecting Baby #2!  In a previous post, I wrote about trying for a second baby.  It took a few months after I quit breastfeeding to get my period again, but I only had 2 cycles before I realized we were pregnant again! 

Watching that pregnancy test turn positive a second time felt much different than the first.  I didn’t have that feeling of shock like I did last time.  I don’t go about  my day thinking “oh my goodness, I’m pregnant”.  It simply just feels normal.  Apparently going through it once before has given me the attitude of “I’ve done this once, I can do it again”.  I am feeling a lot more calm and in control as opposed to the first.

Another thing that is different about this pregnancy already is that we haven’t told the whole world yet.  Last time we started calling family as soon as we found out, and it ended up leaking out to people we didn’t want to know quite yet.  Even though my husband wanted to tell people right away, I wanted to wait, even just for a few days.  This gave me time to allow the thought of having baby #2 to sink in before announcing it.  We did end up telling our family a few days later but don’t have plans on telling any “outsiders” yet.

I am hoping that this pregnancy will be much different than the first health-wise.  I battled pretty severe morning sickness my entire first pregnancy.  Hopefully I don’t have that problem again.

We would be happy with a boy or girl, but a boy would be a little easier on the financial situation since we already have boy clothes and gear.

So here’s to another great adventure!

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