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Evenflo Purely Comfi Nipple Review

I finally upgraded the nipples for my son’s glass Evenflo bottles to fast flow.  I ended up purchasing the Evenflo Purely Comfi bottle nipples because Target didn’t have the traditional ones available at the time.  I knew the Comfi nipples would fit the standard sized necks on the glass bottles so I didn’t hesitate in buying them.  They were $1.99 for a 2-pack at Target. 

At first glance, the nipples look much nicer than the standard ones that came with the glass bottles.  They are rounded and more full at the base, which is supposed to be more conducive with breast feeding.  Plus, they just look “cute”.  They have the same type of venting system as the standard nipples as well, although the BPA-free silicone is thicker. 

I didn’t forsee having a problem using these nipples with the bottles, especially being that they are both made by Evenflo.  However, so far they haven’t worked the same.  My son latches on with no problem, and the flow rate is much better.  It doesn’t drown him or anything.  But I just can’t get the nipples to vent the same as the standard, which I never had any problem with.  I think the problem lies in the thicker silicone.  I have to loosen the collar a lot in order to get enough air to flow through to keep the nipple from collapsing.  Sometimes I loosen it so much it the bottle starts to leak.  I never had a problem with the standard nipples. 

So yes, the Comfi nipples are very finicky in comparison to the standard nipples, and I am probably just going to cut my losses and buy some fast-flow standard nipples online. 

Has anyone had a good or bad experience with Evenflo’s Comfi bottle nipples?

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