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Specialized Small Fry Infant Bike Helmet Review

With the addition of our newCroozer 535 bike trailer, we had to buy an infant bike helmet for our son.  Soon after starting our search, I discovered that there really aren’t a lot of infant sized bike helmets out there to choose from.  We ended up going to a local bike shop and finding one helmet that fit our needs; the Specialized Small Fry Toddler Helmet.

This helmet is specifically meant to be used for ages 0-3 years, but I still wasn’t sure if a bike helmet would really fit an infant.  We originally were going to purchase a helmet online, but am glad we found one in store to assure a good, safe fit.  There were a few different models and designs to choose from, but we found the Specialized helmet to be the most comfortable fit for our son.  The purchase price was kind of steep at $39.99, but the helmet should last him a few years.

The main thing that sold me on this helmet is the dial-operated fit system.  The size of the helmet can easily be adjusted to fit as your child grows with a simple turn of a dial.  This feature gave this particular helmet the best fit over the others.  The helmet also comes with extra foam inserts to line the helmet for even younger infants.  However, I have not had to use these with my 8 month old as the helmet fits perfectly without. 

The helmet also has built-in mesh in the vents to keep bugs from flying in during a ride.  The chin strap is easily adjustable and comfortable.  The helmet also has a built-in visor to protect little eyes from the sun, as well as a shape that makes it suitable to wear in a bike trailer.  All of these things combined make it a great helmet.  However, the thing I love the most is the design.  The particular helmet we bought is called “Moto Red”, which is a bright red helmet with kids riding on dirt bikes.  A lot of the other infant helmets I saw were too “baby-ish”, which is fine, but in the long run I want a helmet that my 3 year old will want to wear.  The Small Fry Moto helmet comes in red, blue, green or yellow.  Specialized also makes infant helmets that are designed more for girls, with kitten and lady bug designs.

The only thing I don’t like about the helmet was the price.  This particular helmet was the highest priced infant helmet I had seen at $39.99.  However, I think it’s design and longevity make it worth the price.

Specialized makes a great infant helmet!  Make sure you consider it when choosing a bike helmet for your little one!

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