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Croozer 535 Review: The Best Bike Trailer/Jogging Stroller Combo

I got my Mother’s Day present early this year!  It’s the Croozer 535 3-in-1 bike trailer,(Edit: This is a comparable model ) and I love it!  After doing A LOT of research online trying to find the most economical, yet good quality bike trailer, I decided on this one.  What sets the Croozer above the rest is it’s versatility, with the ability to go from a bike trailer, to a jogging stroller, to a stroller with a simple change of hook-ups, which are all included at a reasonable price of $450.  If you’re having sticker shock, do your research and you’ll find this is a fabulous deal for what you get.  Most bike trailers of this quality start at $500 and up, plus you have to buy the attachments for the stroller functions separately.

So what are my favorite features of the Croozer?  Well, there are many!  Like I said, the thing that sold me on it was the fact that it included not only the bike trailer function, but the fixed wheel jogging stroller, as well as a small swivel wheel for a regular stroller.  It is also extremely easy to change the wheels and attachments.  They simply pop into place and insert the pin, and it’s ready to go!  The 535 also has two bucket seats, which was a huge advantage to the Croozer.  Most bike trailers have a bench seat, and most reviews I read complained of children sinking in towards to middle during the ride and not having their own space.  The bucket seats solve that problem.  Also, the bucket seat makes it a very comfortable ride for my 8 month old son.  He is held securely having 2 sides next to him while he rides.  The Croozer also has a 5-point harness with padded seatbelt covers so it is great for younger children to have a comfortable and secure ride.  The Croozer is also very easy to break down and folds fairly flat, making it suitable to fit into the trunk of a car.  But even though it is very portable, it doesn’t skimp on size.  The Croozer 535 can not only tow 2 young children, but it also has a fairly large covered storage space in the back to easily stow a diaper bag, water, or a few bags of groceries.  The material of the cruiser is heavy duty and high quality canvas.  The sides windows are made up of heavy plastic, as well as a removable weather shield that can cover the front screen if it starts to rain.  The Croozer also rides low to the ground, which makes it an easier pull and safer for the kids in tow.  It weighs 36 pounds with the removable handle.  It pulls very smoothly with a bike, and the stroller function is great to use as well.

There aren’t a lot of things I dislike about the Croozer 535.  I still think the cost is a little steep at $450, but considering the options you get and comparing it to the competition, it is really a deal for the quality and versatility.  Another negative is that the stroller handle is not adjustable.  Luckily, at my height of 5’5”, it’s perfect.  But it is a little low for my husband who is about 6′ tall.  The Croozer also does not have any shocks, so it is definitely meant for smoother trails.  One more thing is that the instructions aren’t the most clear that come with the trailer.

Here is a quick breakdown of the pros and cons of the Croozer 535:

Pros:  Versatility, easy to adjust, bucket seats, padded 5-point harnesses, low profile, portability, large storage area, heavy duty materials, built-in weather shield, pulls well behind a bike, stylish

Cons:  Non-adjustable stroller handle, no shocks, poor instructions

Overall, I believe the Croozer 535  (Edit: This is a comparable Model – Burely Kids Honey Bee Trailor)will give you the most bang for your buck in the world of bike trailers.  We are definitely into our Croozer!

What features are important to you in a bike trailer?  What do you think about the Croozer?

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